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Wind In The Mountains, produced by Neil Claflin

‘Wind In The Mountains’ was created in 2011.  Originally I’d hoped to produce a video with music and a narrated script.  As I am a poet as well as a photographer and videographer, I thought that I had the creativity to pull it off.  I enlisted my friend Jed Wagner for a musical score.  He is a very talented and original musician, and he’s a pleasure to work with, easy-going and happy.

My premise for the narrative was the idea that no act of love really is wasted, that things that friends and family have done for us, where they’ve extended themselves to us out of of love and caring, have a kind of eternal energy.  I was brought to mind of events and actions done for myself where the person who gave the love is long since dead, but that the energy from that action continues to affect me to the current day.  And my thinking convinced me that indeed these acts of love have a strength and power that transcends time and place.  I still believe that.

OK.  That’s a pretty lofty premise, but I have a poet’s soul and am not intimidated by something just because I haven’t done it before.  So Jed and I started working together, piecing together what we thought would work.  It didn’t.  I had to admit that I did not have the script writing ability to pull it off, despite my talents in producing videos.  So ultimately we took Jed’s beautiful music and set it to the basic mountain footage that I had intended to use, turning the video into a contemplative piece. The hiker in the video was my friend Tom Wobker.

So please enjoy this offering.  And if it in the least turns your mind and soul toward kindly thoughts I will feel rewarded.

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