Julie Cajune’s ‘Belief’ #3

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Promo Video #3 for Julie Cajune’s play ‘Belief’


I met Julie in 2013 when I was over in Arlee, Montana gathering interviews for an upcoming piece on the local Native American Theater Project, through KwKusm.  Julie is a fascinating individual who has authored a one-woman play (with musicians) called ‘Belief’.  It is both autobiographical and historical, giving the viewer insight into her Native American past, her mixed ancestry, and the pervading strength and emotional clarity that have carried her through her life.  The scenes she illustrates are drawn from her experience yet clearly touch the lives of all people, everywhere.


Julie has a Facebook page for ‘Belief’ and related material.  Do visit her page.  It is joyful and uplifting.


I put together some promotional material for her play, and this is the third part of a series.  The underlying music is from her original score.


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