Julie Cajune’s ‘Belief’ #2

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Promo Video #2 for Julie Cajune’s play ‘Belief’


This is the second promo video that I put together for Julie’s play.  In this one, you can hear Julie narrate, and also see her perform.  The quality of Julie’s voice here is remarkable.  It resonates with compassion, wonder, and delight.  It coaxes us all to feel that universal humanity which connects us.  If you truly listen, your heart will be touched.


The play is written from Julie’s stories and from her history.  It is her authentic “voice.”  Included in this video is her interview where she talks about her play, her family, and also about that very special conversation that takes place in a theater, between an actor and an audience, a communication that flows both ways.


On this video, I’ve highlighted one small scene from the play.  I shot this at her performance in Dillon, Montana, at the University of Montana Western in September, 2013.  Here is a taste of this very special play.  And if you ever get the opportunity, go see it in person.


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