Neil is a photographer and videographer, and poet, living in Spokane, Washington.  He has run his own freelance business since 2001, having worked with several local production companies.  He is a regular production member of KSPS Public Television in Spokane. He has worked for many different local organizations in his video and photography work, and has worked all over the Inland Northwest, including Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alberta.

In 2015 he had his first two photo exhibitions, one at Stella’s Cafe in Spokane, Washington, the second at the Dana Gallery in Missoula, Montana, where he was selected by a jury to participate in the Dana Gallery’s annual ‘Icons of The West’ exhibition. Some of his work is what he calls ‘Photography in 4D’, which are combined photos with an intriguing sense of dimensionality.  It was people’s enthusiastic reactions to his work doing Photography in 4D, which goaded him into participating in the exhibitions.  And he owes a good deal of encouragement to his girlfriend, Denae, an artist and author herself, who helped him step into this newer vision of himself.

Neil is truly an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person) with an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people and events. I'd recommend him to anyone!
Tony Hollis