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‘Firestarter’ video

In January, 2017, I was contacted by Paul Suntup of Dragon Rebound Editions to create a video for his ‘Firestarter’ special editions of Stephen King novels.  He wanted some video of Jim Croft’s process in crafting the sycamore wood covers on the front and the back of the book.  Paul’s website is where he has a page on the ‘Firestarter’ edition, and this video is also displayed there.

So in mid-February I headed to the snow-covered foothills southeast of St Maries, Idaho to shoot the story.  Jim and his wife Melody live at the end of Pokey Creek Road, where the ice-covered road comes to an end and then it requires about a quarter mile trek, bringing my equipment in by sled.  I can truthfully say I’ve never done that before.

I stayed with Jim and Melody, who live off the grid, and enjoyed their great hospitality (and music) for several days while I worked.  I think my favorite part of the whole piece was the steadi-cam shot going up the stairs to Jim’s workshop, where Jim turns to the camera in a reveal where he is holding a hatchet on his lap.

Because they live off the grid, I had to be pretty prepared.  I had just enough batteries to last for the entire production schedule.  I didn’t bring any of my lights in from the car, which I had brought just in case I did need them.  So the entire video was shot in natural light (and candlelight and firelight).

After my return, I edited together the video, and, with some valuable suggestions by Paul, I now present this finished video.  Please enjoy it.

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